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Master of Science – (Program Code RS 41)

The School of Dental Sciences (SDS) offers the MSc (Dentistry) degree, which is a 1-3 year fulltime research based program in all fields of Dentistry. However, students can opt for a part time candidature for 2-6 years. Students will have to undertake a research project which will enable them to complete a MSc thesis, which will be the basis for the award of an MSc (Dentistry) degree. The research project can be in any area of dentistry and must be of a suitable quality expected for a Master’s student.  Each student will be appointed a Main Supervisor, who is an academic staff of SDS and if necessary, will be assisted by other academic staff who will be appointed Co-Supervisors. Students who conduct field based research or research overseas should be under a Field Supervisor, who will be appointed by USM.

Prospective students are advised to visit the SDS website ( to review the various research programs and fields offered, communicate with the relevant academic staff to draft the research project title with an outline of the research proposal and the proposed Main Supervisor. This will help the SDS Postgraduate Committee in the processing of the application. 

Applications and registration for this program are open throughout the year. Details on the application guidelines and procedures are written out in the USM ‘Handbook on Guidelines and Procedures for Graduate Studies through Research Mode’ which can be downloaded from the website of the USM Institute for Graduate Studies ( Details of fees structure and available financial support can also be obtained from the website.

  •   School of Dental Sciences, USM (Pusat Pengajian Sains Pergigian, USM)

    CodeResearch Program
    CodeResearch Field

    Community Dentistry (Pergigian Masyarakat)

    Dr Basaruddin Ahmad

    01Community Dentistry
    (Pergigian Masyarakat)
    02Preventive Dentistry
    (Pergigian Preventif )

    Oral Biology
    (Biologi Oral)

    Dr Asilah Yusof

    01Oral Biology
    (Biologi Oral)
    02Molecular Biology
    (Biologi Molekul)
    03Human Genetic
    (Genetik Manusia)
    04Stem Cell (Sel Stem)

    Oral Health & Oral Deseases

    Dr Azlina Ahmad

    05Oral Health & Oral Deseases

    Restorative Dentistry
    (Pergigian Restoratif)


    Dr Kasmawati @Norhidayati Mokhtar

    01Conservative Dentistry(Pergigian Konservatif)
    02Prosthetic Dentistry
    (Pergigian Prostetik)
    03Periodontology Dentistry(Pergigian Periodontologi)

    Maxillofacial Surgery 
    (Pembedahan Maksilofasial)

    Assoc Prof Dr Noor Hayati Abdul Razak 

    01Maxillofacial Surgery(Pembedahan Maksilofasial)
    02Craniofacial Biology
    (Biologi Kraniofasial)
    03Head & Neck Surgery(Pembedahan Kepala & Leher)


    Professor Ismail Ab Rahman

    02Dental Technology
    (Teknologi Pergigian)


    Assoc Prof Dr Rozita Hassan


    Dental Implantology 
    (Implantologi Pergigian)

     Dr Ramizu Shaari

    01Dental Implantology
    (Implantologi Pergigian)


    Craniofacial Science
    (Sains Kraniofasial)

    Assoc Prof Dr Zainul Ahmad Rajion

    01Craniofacial Imaging
    (Imejan Kraniofasial)

    02Craniofacial Genetic
    (Genetik Kraniofasial)

    Forensic Dentistry
    (Pergigian Forensik)

    Dr Mohd Fadhli Khamis

    03Forensic Dentistry
    (Pergigian Forensik)



    Oral Immunology
    (Immunologi Oral)

    Dr Nurul Asma Abdullah

    01Oral Immunology
    (Immunologi Oral)

    Paediatric Dentistry
    (Pergigian Kanak-Kanak)

    PSG12Oral Medicine
    (Perubatan Oral)

    01Oral Medicine
    (Perubatan Oral)
    02Oral Pathology
    (Patologi Oral)
    03Oral Microbiology
    (Mikrobiologi Oral)
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