Dental Technology Laboratory

Dental Laboratory Technology is one of the main laboratory that is located in School of Dental Sciences, USM which is situated in first floor. The laboratory is supervised by trained Dental Technologies where all dental prosthesis is made by its own discipline such as prosthodontics, removal appliances, maxillofacial, EPG plate and implant cases.

Dental Laboratory Technology have 3 main functions:

1. Teaching and education in Dental Technology for dental students.

2. Research works for Postgraduate students.

3. Handle cases for HUSM Dental Clinic and U-Sains private clinic.

Four special units in Dental Technology Laboratory are:

i.    Prosthetics Lab
•    Acrylic Denture
•    Chrome Cobalt Denture frame
•    Precision attachment
•    Copy denture
•    Swing lock denture
•    Flexible denture
•    Sectional denture
•    Hybrid Denture

ii.    Ceramic Lab
•    Jacket Crown
•    Metal Ceramic
•    Crown and Bridge
•    All Ceramic
•    Veneer
•    Inlay / Onlay
•    Implant

iii.    Orthodontic Lab
•    Removable appliances
•    Retainer
•    Bite raisins acrylics
•    Study model
•    Mouth guard

iv.    Maxillofacial Lab
•    Eye, ear, nose prosthesis
•    Obturator
•    Splint
•    Surgical plate
•    Model Surgery
•    Anti Snoring Device

For more information:

Dr. Sarliza Yasmin Sanusi
E-Mail: sarliza [at]

Mr Osman Mustafa
E-Mail : osmankb [at]

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