Oral Science Gallery

The formation of a gallery for the collection of materials pertaining to oral sciences took off with an innovative idea from Prof. Ab. Rani Samsudin, the Founding Dean of the School of Dental Sciences, USM. The idea then took shape in 2003 with the opening of an exhibition room covering a space of 800 square feet and equipped with 60 display boxes, 5 display walls and transparent glass cabinets.

The Oral Science Gallery initially started with a small collection of about 200 exhibits. The collection gradually grew larger with contribution of materials and artifacts by the staff of the school. The gallery now has a varied and wide range of exhibits covering various disciplines from the early days of dentistry to the advancement of today, as well as future prospectives in the field of oral science.

Dr Noor Huda Ismail
E-mail: noorhuda [at] usm.my
Phone : +609 767 5854

Digital Laboratory

Digital Laboratory

Digital Laboratory functions as the centre of IT development in School of Dental Sciences at level 1, PPSG. It has 2 seperated room, Digital Classroom for class or workshop and Digital Lab for services.

For further information, please contact : 

Ms Noraini Md Zain
znoraini [at] usm.my
Phone: +609 767 5561 / 1127

Dental Technology Laboratory

Dental Laboratory Technology is one of the main laboratory that is located in School of Dental Sciences, USM which is situated in first floor. The laboratory is supervised by trained Dental Technologies where all dental prosthesis is made by its own discipline such as prosthodontics, removal appliances, maxillofacial, EPG plate and implant cases.

Dental Laboratory Technology have 3 main functions:

1. Teaching and education in Dental Technology for dental students.

2. Research works for Postgraduate students.

3. Handle cases for HUSM Dental Clinic and U-Sains private clinic.

Four special units in Dental Technology Laboratory are:

i.    Prosthetics Lab
•    Acrylic Denture
•    Chrome Cobalt Denture frame
•    Precision attachment
•    Copy denture
•    Swing lock denture
•    Flexible denture
•    Sectional denture
•    Hybrid Denture

ii.    Ceramic Lab
•    Jacket Crown
•    Metal Ceramic
•    Crown and Bridge
•    All Ceramic
•    Veneer
•    Inlay / Onlay
•    Implant

iii.    Orthodontic Lab
•    Removable appliances
•    Retainer
•    Bite raisins acrylics
•    Study model
•    Mouth guard

iv.    Maxillofacial Lab
•    Eye, ear, nose prosthesis
•    Obturator
•    Splint
•    Surgical plate
•    Model Surgery
•    Anti Snoring Device

For more information:

Assoc. Prof. Dr Zaihan Ariffin
E-Mail: zaihan [at] usm.my
Phone:+609 767 5823

Mr Jasmani Ab. Manaf
E-Mail : mjasmani [at] usm.my
Phone : +609 767 5671

Oral Pathology Laboratory

The Craniofacial Sciences Laboratory was initially composed of two divisions based on services provided; diagnostic oral pathology and research. In 2013, the Oral Pathology Laboratory was established to solely cater for the diagnostic services. The laboratory is located on the first floor, School of Dental Sciences Building, utilising the same location and support staff from the Craniofacial Sciences Laboratory. The service provided is routine histopathological examination (HPE).

Operating hours:

Sunday to Wednesday     : 8.10am to 4.55pm
Thursday                              : 8.10am to 4.40pm

Closed on Friday, Saturday and Public Holidays   

Biomaterials Laboratory

The laboratory is located in the Multidiciplinary Laboratory, 1st floor, School of Dental Sciences. It is equipted to drive high quality multidisciplinary research under the unit focuses on novel biomaterials and nanocomposites for their applications in dentistry and medicine.

The unit is divided to Biomaterials Synthesis Laboratory (BSL) and Advanced Materials Assessment Laboratory (AMAL) under the care of experienced personnel.

The laboratory is facilitated with few equipments :


  • Desktop type
  • Variety application
  • Autofocus
  • More to solid sample type or powder with good adhesive preparation.
  • No special tools or adjustment.
  • Captured image can be save in pixel or data format using USB.

(Source by Google)



  • Consist of Instron (hydraulic system) and Shimadzu
  • For testing the strength of material developed.
  • Test variety : Tensile, Torsion, 3-point bending etc.
  • Printable result
  • High precision load cell.
  • High speed sampling



  • Surfcom Flex 50A side trace type
  • For surface texture/roughness measurement of materials
  • Available for roughness curve, roughness motif
  • curve, filtered waviness profile etc.
  • Built in printer, easy handling.

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  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Automated Thermocycling Dipping Machine
  • Fourier Transform Infra Red
  • Multi chamber Freeze Dryer
  • Ceramic Calcinasation Furnace
  • Nanopowder Synthesis Laboratory


Biomaterial Laboratory open its service for material testing and analysis with affordable charges applied. Its also open for students or personnel to carry out test on research materials and attachment or industrial training for undergraduate student.


For further information please contact :

1. Ms. Che Suhailah A. Rahman (Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.)
Tel. No : 09-7675754 / 019-9908529

2. Mrs. Noor Baizura Abd. Ghani (Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.)
Tel. No : 09-7675853 / 013-9342728