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PENANG, 25 April 2015 - Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) graduates were urged to exemplify the motto We Lead in serving the king and country.

This call was expressed by the USM Chancellor, the Raja of Perlis H.R.H Tuanku Syed Siirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail during the first session of the 51st Convocation this morning. Prior to his speech, His Royal Highness had presented the scrolls to 262 PhDs, DBAs and PhDs in Public Health graduates.

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“Producing a large number of graduates is not the true measure of our success, for success also depends on the extent of our contribution to the nation and to society. As such, the success of our university should be viewed from the extent to which we are able to produce graduates who go on to become leaders in various organisations, institutions, the corporate sector or even world leaders. We should consider whether or not our graduates also embody the motto “We Lead” in the personal domains of community and family,” His Royal Highness stated.

His Royal Highness elaborated, “We Lead should be steadfastly applied in tandem with strong religious belief, high integrity, wisdom and mental fortitude in facing challenges besides high entrepreneurial values in seeking out opportunities for success in various endeavours.

His Royal Highness also urged the graduates to hold steadfastly to values of compassion, respect, the institution of the family, care for the elders, respect for others, good manners and tolerance in daily life because an individual who neglected his/her responsibility to the parents and the less fortunate could not be considered as truly educated. Knowledge is a blessing bestowed on the individual from the prayers of one’s parents.

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"We must be sincere in volunteering our services to all, and respect diversity for a sustainable and prosperous society and world. By applying knowledge gained at university and assimilating it with strong life values, we will create leaders of tomorrow who place the needs society, the nation or even the world above personal interest. Such leaders understand the importance of a balance in development, between the material and the mental and social wellbeing,” His Royal Highness added.

The Vice-Chancellor of USM, Professor Dato’ Dr. Omar Osman exhorted the graduates to contribute their views and ideas as part of the strategic thinkers for USM by providing feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to face challenges for the future.

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“As part of the knowledge community produced by the university, graduates shoulder a huge responsibility to preserve the good name of USM, and the people’s trust to play a role in creating a knowledgeable generation that can contribute to the development of the country and its people, besides becoming leaders in the community and driving excellence in any endeavour be it for institution, society or personal,” said Omar at the same ceremony.

Graduates should become role models for society as learned and educated individuals who have foresight in the face of overwhelming development in current technology and life in general.

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He stressed that, what was previously considered relevant was now obsolete hence if we lived in the past we would be left behind in the onslaught of the present fast paced development, what with knowledge available to all online, at their fingertips so that people are becoming cleverer and the abundance of information that needs to be processed and digested every day.

“Nevertheless, there are many life values that need to be protected to ensure a quality life that is sustainable and inclusive, and even in the push to achieve developed nation status, this should be carried out on our own terms by upholding our own principles and values,” added the Vice-Chancellor.

This is the true challenge facing the university in ensuring its continued relevance to become a tower of knowledge that produces balanced graduates and holistic scholars who are aware of their role for the future, able to lead in the drive for excellence in the context of an APEX university.

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Also present at the ceremony was the Raja Perempuan Perlis H.R.H Tuanku Tengku Fauziah binti Al-Marhum Tengku Abdul Rashid. Other dignitaries present at the USM convocation were the Pro Chancellors, Tan Sri Dr. M. Jegathesan and Tan Sri Datuk Mustafa Mansur, members of the Board of Governors and members of the USM Senate. - Translation: Dr. Nurul Farhana Low Abdullah/Text: Mohamad Abdullah


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PULAU PINANG, 20 Mei 2015 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) melalui Institut Penyelidikan Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (IPPTN) telah menganjurkan satu Seminar on Higher Education Research Policy atau SHERP 2015 dengan tema Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia (Pendidikan Tinggi) 2015 – 2025 [PPPM (PT)] : Implikasi dan Langkah ke Hadapan. 

SHERP adalah acara tahunan bagi membincangkan isu-isu terkini pengajian tinggi dan pada tahun ini, SHERP membincangkan mengenai PPPM (PT) 2015-2025 yang telah dilancarkan pada April 2015 yang lalu oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak.


Menurut perunding PPPM (PT), Profesor Dato’ Ir. Dr Mohd Saleh Jaafar, 10 lonjakan yang dibentangkan adalah antara misi dan aspirasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) dalam pembangunan Pengajian Tinggi terutama dalam pembangunan bidang penyelidikan dan juga Pendidikan dan Latihan Teknik dan Vokasional (TVET).

“Selepas pelancarannya, pihak KPM menerima pelbagai reaksi daripada pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dan diharap semua pihak dapat memberikan maklumbalas kepada pihak kementerian,” ujar Mohd Saleh.   

“Melalui PPPM (PT), adalah diharapkan para graduan atau generasi muda bukan sahaja menjadi pencari kerja malah mencipta peluang-peluang pekerjaan untuk masyarakat lain dengan pemikiran kritis, keusahawanan dan kreatif,” tambah Mohd Saleh.


“Hasil daripada perbicangan dua hala sebegini banyak idea dapat diketengahkan dan itulah sebenarnya tujuan SHERP ini diadakan di samping untuk melihat perancangan masa depan dalam bidang Pengajian Tinggi,” ujar Pengarah IPPTN, Profesor Dr. Ahmad Nurulazam Md Zain dalam ucapan aluannya.

Sesi kedua SHERP mengenengahkan dua orang yang banyak pengalaman dalam bidang pengajian tinggi samada di KPM atau di institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) bagi membentangkan respon atau maklum balas yang diterima hasil pelancaran PPPM (PT) iaitu Profesor Dr Harshita Aini Haroon dari Pertubuhan Pembangunan Penyelidikan dan Dasar Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia (PenDaPaT) dan juga felo IPPTN, Profesor Madya Dr Abdul Razak Ahmad.

Menurut Abdul Razak antara 10 lonjakan PPPM (PT), Transformasi Penyampaian  Pendidikan Tinggi atau Transformed Higher Education Delivery perlu dijadikan lonjakan pertama berbanding yang lain.


SHERP kali ini menghimpunkan lebih 80 orang peserta dari dalam USM dan juga dari agensi luar termasuk IPT awam dan swasta. Teks: Nor Rafizah Md Zain / Foto: Zamani Abdul Rahim 


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PENANG, 15 May 2015 – To ensure the continued excellence of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), each member of its community must be self-disciplined and embody the principles of responsibility and integrity, regardless of whether he or she is being monitored by the head of department or any other party.

In a speech delivered during the 2014 Service Excellence Awards (APC) ceremony, the USM Vice-Chancellor Professor Dato' Dr. Omar Osman stated that staff with an apathetic attitude would tarnish the image of the university and deter its mission to drive excellence.

“Besides this, efficiency of the staff needs be enhanced in line with national development as we approach developed nation status,” said Omar.

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The Vice-Chancellor explained that these were core issues faced by many organisations, hence urgent action was required, whether in the form of re-education, re-structuring or any other means to ensure that there was no ‘dead wood’ in the organisation.

“Those who are languishing in the comfort zone should also be awakened from their slumber so that they will discharge their duties and responsibilities competently and competitively,” continued the Vice-Chancellor in his speech.

A total of 796 recipients were awarded the APC for the previous year’s performance, consisting of 414 (52.01%) from the Services l category, 149 (18.72%) from Support Services ll, while 120 recipients (15.08%) were selected from the Academic category and 96 or 12.06% were Management and Professional category recipients. Members from the Special Top Management accounted for 2.01% or 16 recipients, and one member (0.13%) from the Main Top Management category also received the APC.

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“At the meeting of the university’s Human Resources Development Panel, we found that many of the staff had delivered excellent work and were eligible for the award, with 77.20% achieving average performance appraisal marks of 85% and above,” the Vice-Chancellor revealed.

The Vice-Chancellor noted that the main challenge facing USM now, which would continue into the future, is the readiness of its staff to work hard to deliver swift results, and to exercise intelligence, creativity and innovation in discharging their duties. If everyone were to co-operate to achieve this aspiration, the institution would be able to grow from strength to strength, and USM would truly be an estimable organisation.  

Hence the Vice-Chancellor urged the USM community to enhance and sustain the excellence already achieved to spur the university on to greater heights in the future.

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Also present on the occasion were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Dato' Dr. Muhamad Jantan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Network) Professor Dato' Dr. See Ching Mey and the Registrar, Siti Zubaidah A. Hamid. - Translation: Dr Nurul Farhana Low Abdullah/Text: Syuhada Abdul Aziz/Edited: Mohamad Abdullah