2011 Research Grants

Research Title

Lead Researcher

Budget (RM)

Duration Type of Grant Research Cluster
1) Characterization and gene expression analysis of rabbit primary epidermal keratinocytes
Dr. T.P. Kannan
200,600.00 01/01/11 - 31/12/12 RU Genetics
2) Synthesis of hybrid silica nanoparticles from rice husk for fabricationof dental nanocomposites
Prof. Ismail Ab Rahman
242,551.00 01/01/11 - 31/12/12 RU Biomaterials
3) Immunogenecity of hemagglutinin (HA) epitopes of Malaysian influenza H5N1 virus in mice
Dr. Nurul Asma Abdullah
32,813.00 01/02/11 - 31/1/13 USM Short Term
4) Comparison of shear bond strength between transbond XT wuth SEP and Fuji Ortho LC and study on enamel condition after debond with three different finishing burs
Dr. Rozita Hassan
33,610.00 01/02/11 - 31/1/13 USM Short Term
5) Influence of polymerization properties of resin cements on bond strength of fiber post and titanium post
Dr. Fazal Reza
33,740.00 01/02/11 - 31/01/13 USM Short Term Biomaterials
6) The mechanism of osseointegration on hydroxyapatite (HA)-induced osteoblast stimulated with cytokines
Dr. Nurul Asma Abdullah
98,500.00 01/04/11 - 31/03/13 FRGS, MOHE Immunology
7) Genotoxicity evaluation of locally produced dental restoration nanocomposite using comet assay and chromosome aberration tests
Assoc. Prof. Dr. T.P. Kannan 39,210.00 01/04/11 - 31/03/13 USM Short Term Biomaterials
8) Synthesis of nanohydroxyapatite-silica hybrid by in-situ sol-gel for fabrication of glass ionomer cement (GIC) dental nanocomposites
Prof. Ismail Ab Rahman 98,440.00 01/05/11 - 30/04/13 FRGS, MOHE Biomaterials
9) Evaluation of anti-cardiolipin antibodies in periodontitis patients
Dr. Wan Majdiah Wan Mohamad 39,246.00 15/05/11 - 14/05/13 USM Short Term Immunology
10) In vitro fracture resistance and fracture pattern studies on root reinforcement using different obturating materials and reinforcement materials
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sam'an Malik Masudi 32,311.00 15/05/11 - 14/05/13 USM Short Term Biomaterials
11) The effects of xylitol chewing gum on oral environment among army personnel involved in army operation at Malaysia-Thailand border
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normastura Abdul Rahman 39,925.00 15/05/11 - 14/05/13 USM Short Term Oral Health
12) To compare the effectiveness between turmeric paste and triamcinolone in treating minor oral recurrent apthous stomatitis
Dr. Daddy Suradi Halim 14,635.00 15/08/11 - 14/08/13 USM Short Term Oral Health
13) Undestanding the interaction of FcyRlla gene polymorphism with periodontal disease
Dr. Haslina Taib 39,876.00 15/08/11 - 14/08/13 USM Short Term Oral Health
14) Factors associated with oral health related quality of life among pregnant women in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia
Dr. Norkhafizah Saddki 17,762.00 15/08/11 - 14/08/13 USM Short Term Oral Health
15) Comparative study on Coragraf and BioOss as bone substitutes in maxillary sinus augmentation for implant placement
Dr. Shaifulizan Ab Rahman 40,000.00 15/08/11 - 14/08/13 USM Short Term Biomaterials
16) A study of permanent second and third molars in determining the optimal time for orthodontic intervention among Malay population using radiographs
Dr. Shani Ann Mani 9,060.00 15/08/11 - 14/08/13 USM Short Term Oral Health