2010 Research Grants

Research Title

Key Researcher

Budget (RM)

Duration Type of Grant Research Cluster
1) Mutational analysis of Jagged2 gene among non-syndrome cleft lip with or without cleft palate patients in Kelantan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Normastura Abd Rahman 36,875.00 01/2/10 - 31/1/12 USM Short Term Craniofacial Sciences
2) The effect of the designs and performance of maxillary complete denture in patients with different sizes of torus palatinus
Dr. Norhayati Luddin 34,247.00 01/3/10 - 28/2/12 USM Short Term Craniofacial Sciences
3) Assessment of the obturation on the lateral canals using two different techniques and using two different irrigation methods: an in vitro study
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sam'an Malik Masudi 36,879.00 1/6/10- 31/5/12 USM Short Term Biomaterials
4) Surface roughness using AFM of nanofilled and microfilled glassionomer with three polishing types and confocal analysis after application of S. mutans
Dr. Zuryati Ab Ghani 30,950.00 1/7/10- 30/6/12 USM Short Term Biomaterials
5) Chemopreventive activities of phytochemicals (SIRIM products) on selected cancer cells using proteomics approaches
Dr. Md Azman PKM Seeni Mohamed 249,999.60 1/8/10- 31/7/13 RU Oral Tumour
6) Genotyping the oral bacteria associated with and without early childhood caries using molecular analysis
Dr. Shani Ann Mani 207,803.68 15/7/10- 15/6/12 RU Oral Health
7) Antibacterial and cytotoxic properties of mineral trioxide aggregate when mixed with various bee products
Dr. Deepti Saini
39,998.00 15/10/10- 14/10/12 USM Short Term Biomaterials (Honey)
8 Incentive Grants (each valued RM5,000) awarded to:
1) Dr. Md Azman PKM Seeni Mohamed (2 students)
2) Dr. Saisi Jaafar
3) Dr. Norhayati Luddin
4) Dr. Rozita Hassan
5) Dr. Akram Hassan
6) Prof. Zulkifli Ahmad
7) Dr. Md Azman PKM Seeni Mohamed (1 student)
8) Dr. Khairani Idah Mokhtar