2003 Research Grants

Research Title Key Researcher Budget (RM) Duration Type of Grant Research Cluster
1) Dental Variation in Malaysian Populations with Application to Human Identification Dr. Mohd. Fadhli Khamis 20,000.00 14/03/03 - 13/03/04 USM Short Term Craniofacial Biology
2) In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Locally Produced Polyhydroxybutyrate Dr. Azehar Al Raouf 19,438.00 13/05/03 - 12/05/04 USM Short Term Dental Biomaterial
3) Proliferation Effect of Different Implant Materials on Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Culture Dr. Karima Akool Al-Salihi 19,928.00 13/05/03 -12/05/04 USM Short Term Dental Biomaterial
4) Studies to Investigate the Role Genetic Polymorphism of Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System in the Etiology & Pathogenesis of Hypertensive & Diabetes Vascular Disease Dr. Asia Rehman 182,400.00 08/04/03 - 07/04/05 EA IRPA Oral Diseases